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PROSは IRAF のパッケージの一つで X-ray 天文学用に開発されたものです。


  cl> xray
           []              PROS  Version 2.2.1                   []
           []                  July 2, 1993                      []
           []                                                    []
           []      Before using this version rerun mkiraf        []
           []                                                    []
           []      For problems mail        []

  The following general information is available via the "help" command:
          help topic:     description:

  *****   pros   ****     description of all help options available in pros

          coords          description of IRAF coordinates used in PROS
          exposure        description of support for exposure corrections in PROS
          extensions      description of conventions for PROS file extensions
          filter          description of filtering options in PROS
          qpoe            description of the QPOE data file and user interface
          regions         description of PROS region masks
          missions        list of telescopes and instruments support by PROS
          release_xray    release notes for this build
          revisions       revisions for the patch

        xapropos    xdemo       xinstall    xobsolete.  xproto.     xspectral.
        xdataio.    ximages.    xlocal.     xplot.      xspatial.   xtiming.
この中にもいくつかのパッケージがあります。イメージをスムージング するタスクは``xspatial''に入っています。

  xr> xspatial
           []   Welcome to the World of X-ray Spatial Analysis   []
           []              (July 1993   Version 2.2.1)           []
        detect.     imdisp      imsmooth    rosprf      vigmodel
        fixsaoreg   immodel     isoreg      skypix      wcscoords
        imcnts      improj      makevig     vigdata

  xs> imsmooth
  name of input image ( ): sis0_image.iraf
  root name for output file [root_smo.imh]:     ←(♂)

          resultant output image dimensions: 256 x 256
          internal image dimensions for fft: 256 x 256

  type of convolving function (gauss|boxcar|expo|king|power|tophat|file|hipass|lop
  ass|kfile|mymod|mykmod) (gauss):
  function radius, sigma or width (x) in pixels (2.): 1.5   ←(♀)
  Using the Gauss function with    1.50 = sigma.
(♂)で``root_smo.imh''としておくと今の場合``sis0_image_smo''というファイルができます。 また、(♀)でガウシアンの sigma を指定できます。

では、次にスムージングしたイメージを見てみましょう。 それには``xplot''のパッケージをつかいます。

   xs> xplot
            []   Welcome to the World of X-ray Plot Analysis      []
            []              (July 1993   Version 2.2.1)           []

       ( Type help <topic> for info on the following: )

               help    using_xplot

         imcontour     tabplot       tvlabel       xdisplay      ximtool
         pspc_hrcolor  tvimcontour   tvproj        xexamine

   xp> !saoimage &

   xp> xdisplay
   image to be displayed ( ): sis0_image_smo
contour は``tvimcontour''をつかいます。

   xp> tvimcontour
   IRAF image filename ( ): sis0_image_smo
   Grid type (sky|pixel) (sky):     ←(‡)
   Contour Units (pixel|peak|sigma) (peak):
   Contour Levels (log 5 100 5):
(‡)で``sky''にすると sky coordinate も表示されます [*]


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