Suzaku Data

Data Processing

On 25 October 2016, the final processing for all Suzaku observations using version 3.0 is complete.

Science Data

Data may be obtained via http.

The verX/ directory (X = 2) contains all the version X public data. If there are two or more versions on the same sequence, the last version is put in this directory. The verX.Y/ directories (where Y is a minor version) contain the versionX.Y data, either encrypted or public. If you found the same sequences in verX/ and verX.Y/ directories, they are linked and identical.

Note that on 16 August 2007, we changed the directory name from revX.Y/ to verX.Y/ . Since September 2008, we have stopped the release of the version 1 data.

Trend Data

In order to monitor satellite and instrument status, the "trend data" are archived for each processing version and open to public.

Latest version [ver 2.Y ]

Last Modified: 19 November 2018