Revision History

There is the processing version information at ISAS SUZAKU project page.

  • 2009-6-8: Release of version 2.4 data.
  • 2009-5-7: Release of version 2.3 data.
  • 2009-5-7: Public data list is updated.
  • 2008-9-26: We stop the release of ver1.X data. Please use latest (ver2.X) data.
  • 2008-7-17: You can extract light curves and spectra with Suzaku UDON !
  • 2008-3-24: We introduce a new query page, XISLOG query . Now you can search XIS data for various XIS modes.
  • 2008-2-20: Suzaku advanced Query has been updated. Now you can search your target within the XIS field of view.
  • 2007-8-15: Stop of the FTP service. To rearrange the directory structure, we will stop the FTP/HTTP service of the suzaku data. We are sorry for your inconvenience.
  • 2007-5-28: Start of the public data release. You can choose and download the public data from the public data list .
  • 2007-5-28: A large set of initial science data (SWG data) have been released to public. Please download data from the public data list or search your favorite target by this SUZAKU/MASTER query .
  • 2007-05: How to retrieve (and decrypt) the science data . The data are also available in NASA/GSFC ftp site, US .
  • 2007-05: Public data: list and link to data . (update daily)
  • 2007-05: Quick Look : XIS color images of public data (A bete-release). A sample image (Eta-Carina).

Last Modified: 13 October 2015