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What is UDON?

UDON2 (Universe via Darts ON-line) is a system to quicly analyze X-ray astronomy satellite data archived in DARTS (Data Archives and Transmission System) via Internet (HTTP).
With UDON2, you can analyze DARTS archival data using your browser without downloading the data.

Assigning the color Red, Green and Blue to the soft, medium and hard energy-band X-ray images, UDON2 displays the composite pseudo-color X-ray image.

UDON system to generate/display pseudo-color images from X-ray event files

Pseudo-color image

You may interactively specify the extraction region on the image to extract the light curve and the spectrum.

To zoom the image
Drag and draw a rectangular region in the small upper-right image with mouse. The selected area is zoomed and displayed in the main window.

To reset the zoom
Click the resete button.


Specifying the region to extract events

Specify a circular region to extrat events to create light-curve and spectrum.
Reset the defined area
Click "Reset" button.

Extract the light curve and the spectrum of defined area
Click "Submit" button.

If the operation terminate with error, the image will not appear.
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How to call UDON2 from JUDO2

Explanation of JUDO2 .

Click "udon2" button near the top-right corner of the JUDO2 screen. From the pop-up screen of "UDON2 Jump List", specify the satellite and the observation number.

From JUDO2
Choose Hitomi, SUZAKU or ASCA observation number in the UDON2 Jump List.
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