HAYABUSA2 Optical Navigation Camera (ONC)

Important Notice on the Use of the Data

Instrument Overview


Release date Contents Type of data
Jan. 22, 2017 EDVEGA(From launch through Earth swing-by) raw data

Level2a product --- yyyymmdd


After Nov. 19, 2019 Selected proximity data in provisional format
  • Global mapping at home position (20km altitude from Ryugu) (20180710(for shape model construction), 20180712 (multi-band imaging) (new)), released on Nov. 19, 2019).
  • Mid. altitude mapping at 5 km altitude from Ryugu (20180801), planned to be released in Dec. 2019.
  • Image set up to the 1st touchdown rehearsal (20180911), planned to be released in the middle of 2020).





backplane (pixel to pixel latitude and longitude)

Dec. 1, 2020 Whole proximity dataset in PDS4 format

Level2a-d and backplane

Definition of Product Level (updated on Nov. 19, 2019)

LevelData DescriptionUnit
l2aRaw images in FITS format (16-bit integer)DN
l2bImages after hardware correction and radiometric correction in FITS format (32-bit float)DN/s
l2cDistortion corrected irradiance images in FITS format (32-bit float)W/m^2/um/str
l2dI/F (or radiance factor) images in FITS format (32-bit float)nondimentional(I/F)
l2ePhotometrically corrected reflectance images in FITS format (32-bit float) (in preparation)nondimentional(reflectance)
l3Mosaiced global I/F or reflectance images in FITS format (32-bit float) (in preparation)nondimentional(I/F or reflectance)

File Naming Convention

Symbols Meaning
yymmdd_hhmmss Exposure start time in UTC.
CB Camera type
{w1, w2, t+band{u:ul, i:WIDE, v:v, w:w, x:x, n:Na, p:p, b:b}}
T Image Type
{f:mainframe(1024x1024), b:optical black(16x1024x2(on both sides))}
ldx(x) Product level. e.g., l2a, l2b.
Additional character describes minor version of the product such as l2dr, indicating l2d co-registrated among bands).

Imaging Condition

The details of the imaging condition are described in FITS header of each image file or an extracted FITS header in text format.

Data Processing Tools


Please see papers in "Reference" section. Flat fields can be obtained from here.

Definition of Mission Phases

Period Name of mission phase
Dec. 3, 2014 - Dec. 3, 2015 EDVEGA (Electric Delta-V Earth Gravity Assist).
From launch until Earth swing-by.
Dec. 3, 2015 - June, 2018 Transfer
June, 2018 - June 28, 2018 Approach
June 28, 2018 - Nov. 2019 Proximity