Yohkoh Legacy data Archive

Redacted version for ISAS/JAXA

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The Yohkoh Legacy data Archive (YLA) is intended to provide all usable scientific data obtained with the Yohkoh satellite, in convenient forms for research and education. The YLA consists of the whole set of Yohkoh data (from raw data to highly processed catalogs), with a sufficient amount of explanatory materials. The YLA is one of the first group of the resident archives (RAs) selected in 2009 by NASA's Heliophysics Data Environment Enhancements program, and has provided the RA services through the support from the following grants (NNX09AH64G, NNX12AG78G and NNX14AK35G).

While the original YLA web site at http://solar.physics.montana.edu/ylegacy is still active, the redacted version of the YLA was prepared at the end of the RA contract with NASA in 2015, and transferred to the SDAC(Solar Data Anlysis Center) as the final archive. The redacted version includes all the basic data products and documentation. However, the following products and services are dropped to minimize the maintenance work at the new hosting site: (1) Interactive web services, e.g., data search, obs-log inquiry, movie maker. (2) Minor event catalogs and image archives, and most part of image gallery.

This redacted version for ISAS was prepared in 2018, with addition of the new product, "SXT Smoothies" to the SDAC version. There are also updates of the documentation (e.g., new papers) and software (e.g., new SXT response functions) created by the YLA project. The total data volume of this redacted archive is approximately 2.8TB.

January 2018, Aki Takeda (Montana State University),
Loren Acton (Montana State University),
and Keiji Yoshimura (Montana State University).

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