VSOP: The VLBI Space Observatory Programme

VSOP Survey Working Group
Data Reduction Meeting
July 10, 12, 13 1999
ISAS, Japan
(This page last updated on 7 September 1999; JEJL)

Action Items Arising


Action Items Arising From the Meeting (last updated 7 September 1999)

A. Data Reduction:
Person(s) responsible
Revise AIPS guidelines w/ examples (e.g. VS03l) and standard recipes; update misc. standard parameter values, AIPS scripts  Moellenbrock
Revise Difmap guidelines and macros 
 - '11'-step procedure
 - 30 sec averaging
 - selfant to up-weight HALCA
 - Add phase difference plot in corplot. [DONE]
 - etc.
snedit.pl: Write SN table without flagged solutions  Lovell/Langston
SHEVE GRT Tsys data to ANTAB format Tingay
Generate HALCA Tsys/Gain data Moellenbrock
Develop automatic modelfit script Tingay/Lovell
Difwrap enhancements: 
 - Save plots as postscript
 - Write a file as models are tested
 - Cube with NxMxL size
 - Positive ranges of flux density, SMA etc.
 - Ability to type in min and max when selecting search ranges
 - Fit options other than "Model fit only" don't work at JPL. Problem?
 - Show Number of grid points correctly
 - Include a selfant GUI
Modelfitting error analysis Fomalont
Penticton Fringe-searching software generalization Moellenbrock

B. Organizational:
Person(s) responsible
Prioritize reduction of 2-GRT experiments and provide feedback to scheduler (some have already been rescheduled) All
Updates to survey webpage/database
 - "Results available" section needs fixing on experiment details page
 - Links to sniffer plots from VLBA?
 - Establish file format for input of time ranges, antennas and
   tracking stations for GOT extractions.
 - Add table entries for the above if it's a GOT extraction
 - Add links to the RSF files from web pages
 - Database search based on Analyst
 - ASCII output of experiment summaries
 - extra text to describe where the tapes are in experiment table.
 - Include VLBA PLS data
 - Update ATCA data
Review entire survey observation list, especially clarify all survey extractions, multiples, and missing tapes. Send extraction requests to correlators. Moellenbrock, Lovell/Fomalont
Remind analysts of the details of commitments Moellenbrock/Lovell
With survey observation list corrected where necessary, distribute one-page survey statisticssummary and maintain an up-to-date version on the website. Moellenbrock/Edwards
Determine which GOT PI's should get survey data according to AO and send it Edwards
Survey data facts/histograms on web Moellenbrock

Agenda (last updated 1 July 1999)

Saturday July 10

09:00 Review of goals of VSOP Survey
    1) The scientific goals [Hirabayashi]
    2) The organizational goals for data access. How we hope the
        mission and scientists over the world will interact with
        the results. [Hirabayashi]
    3) How will the Survey be published? [Hirabayashi, Fomalont]

09:30 Organization of Survey [Lovell]
    1) Management plan
    2) Survey Coordinator tasks

09:45 Survey scheduling summary: status and prospects. [Fomalont, Horiuchi, Moellenbrock]
    1) General statistics about observations made and planned
       through April 2000.
    2) How to continue?
    3) Quality of Survey observations?

10:30 Regional reports on data analysis progess (10 min each maximum)
    - JPL [Tingay]
    - NRAO [Moellenbrock, Fomalont]
    - Canada [Scott]
    - Japan [Horiuchi]
    - Australia [Dodson]
    - Europe [Gurvits]

11:20  Future data reduction plans [Moellenbrock]
    - Brief overview of data reduction path.
    - Overall plan for completing Survey data reduction
    - Realistic commitments over the next 6 months.
         How many experiments will be reduced in the next 6 months?
    - Distribution of data amongst data analysts
         How should this be done?

12:00  Review of Agenda for Monday and Tuesday

12:10 Lunch. Rest of day free.

Sunday July 11

Free day.
    o Visit Kamakura?
    o Climb Mt Fuji?
    o Visit central Tokyo.
    o Watch the Sumo.
    o Informal Survey discussions?
See also:
    o Japan information network - maps, statistics, news and lots of other stuff.
    o Japan Web Guide

Please find adequate web page using keywords above.

Monday July 12

9:00: Pre-imaging/Modeling steps (AIPS): [Moellenbrock]

    - FITLD (correlator dependence of some params)
    - MSORT
    - INDXR (CL interval)
    - OBTAB (needed?)
    - FIXWT (other options? importance?)
    - documentation/examination
    - ACCOR (correlator dependence)
    - ANTAB/APCAL (nominal Tsys; avail of real measurements)
    - FRING (FFT/LLS, stacking, ANTWT, etc., etc.)
    - BPASS (desired/needed?)
    - CALIB (needed? for GRTs only maybe?)
    - SPLIT (average chns/IFs?)
    - FITTP
    - Basic data product extraction?

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Imaging/model fitting steps (Difmap): [Lovell]
    - Using Difmap with extensions for VSOP
    - VS03l:
        - Similarities and differences in final results. Are we getting
            consistent results?
        - Imaging (use of weighting, phase/amplitude selfcal)
        - Different model fitting approaches and effects on Tb estimates
        - Are the results consistent?
    - Other imaging/model fitting issues.

16:00 Tests and trials as needed.

17:00 - End of day.

Tuesday July 13

9:00 Overlap/review from Monday. (Flexible time)

10:00 Special topics:
    - Comparison of Survey vs. GOT extraction [Piner / Lister]
    - Survey database and web site [Lovell / Horiuchi]
    - Fringe-fitting [Moellenbrock]
    - Rescheduling discussion (maybe push this to afternoon?)
       - Incorporating non-HALCA data. Status and work needed/planned
              (VLBA 5GHz and 15 GHz,  ATCA and VLA flux monitoring)

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Dataset commitments and distribution.

15:00 Review and action items.

17:00 End of meeting. Dinner at Cajun restaurant in Machida?

Confirmed Attendants (last updated 3 July 1999)

    Richard Dodson
    Dave Jauncey (first day only)
    Jim Lovell

    Sean Dougherty
    Bill Scott
    Russ Taylor (first day only)

Europe (JIVE)
    Leonid Gurvits

Japan (ISAS)
    Max Avruch
    Phil Edwards
    Hirax Hirabayashi
    Y. Murata
    K. Wajima

Japan (NAO, Mitaka)
    S. Horiuchi
    Eric Shen

    Matt Lister
    Dave Murphy
    Glenn Piner
    Bob Preston (first day only)
    Steven Tingay

    Ed Fomalont
    George Moellenbrock
    Jon Romney (first day only)

Getting To ISAS

A good description of how to get from Narita Airport to ISAS is here.