Contents of IRTS Data Archive

We supply two data archives, Point Source Catalog (PSC) and Spatial Intensity Map derived by four instruments on board IRTS.

Point Source Catalog (PSC) contains spectral data at the range from 1.4 to 11.6 micron taken by MIRS & NIRS. ***.dat (text) and ***.spa (text) are the all data list and the individual spectral data, respectively. The other files (***.gif or ***.ps) are the quick look images for each ***.spa. See the documents for further informations.

Data set of Spatial Intensity Map contains 1 map image and 4 supplemental data. Each figure covers ~12 deg squares. These data are written by FITS format. The data sets are as follows;

  • Interpolated image,
  • Interpolated data,
  • Raw data : original calibrated data set,
  • Error data : error value of each pixel,
  • Sampling Weighted data : How many times was the data observed on each position ?

You can peruse these data on a browser and download it.

How to use this Archives ?

When you publish a paper, you are requested send a reprint to the corresponding Principal Investigators and/or the Laboratory of Infrared Astrophysics at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), Japan. In any publication, the use of the IRTS data should be acknowledged, for example, as " IRTS data were provided by "Principal Investigators and/or each FPI teams" through DARTS at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) in Japan." In addition, the IRTS project was collaborated with NASA and the production of the database was supported by NASA/Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC) for the help in the pointing reconstruction.

The photographs that are used in this database are copyrighted to ISAS/Picture Record Center. Don't use any photographs without notice.

Last Modified: 01 July 2020