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Preparation of data analysis

This page is a guide of software install and settings for MAXI archive data analysis. The MAXI packages are now included in HEAsoft and CALDB. If these packages you use in your system have been installed by an administrator, you may need ask your administrator to modify their configuration files as explained below.

The old page that we described installation and set-up of the MAXI package before HEAsoft 6.25 release is here.

The MAXI team
Please send questions, comments, and bug reports to : maxihelp@ml.ac.jaxa.jp

Installation of HEAsoft and CALDB

The following external software packages are required, before the MAXI-specific software is installed and run. Once these have been installed, set up the relevant environmental variables and run the relevant initial-setup scripts. We recommend the installation be made in the following order due to the dependency issue.

  1. HEAsoft of HEASARC (Version 6.25 as in October 2018; NASA)
    Note: At "STEP 2 - Download the desired packages" in installation of HEAsoft, you are asked to select which packages are downloaded and installed. Make sure to include Mission-Specific Tools for Suzaku, ASCA, and Swift, General-Use FTOOLS, and XANADU at least.

In addition to the HEAsoft building environment, especially CC (gcc), make, and Perl 5 (see HEAsoft installation guide for detail).

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