MAXI/GSC all-sky maps

The All-sky X-ray maps accumulated from the Gas Slit Camera (GSC) on board the MAXI mission for 11 years from 2009 to 2020.

A pseudo-color all-sky map by the GSC. Blue, green and red represent brightness in the 2.0−4.0 keV, 4.0−8.0 keV and 8-16 keV energy bands, respectively. The top/bottom images look apparently dim/bright in order to adjust the color scale for bright/faint sources.
Creation Date Energy (keV) PI Channel Data Files†
20200425 2-4 40-80 FITS
20200425 4-8 80-160 FITS
20200425 8-16 160-320 FITS
† Files are after exposure correction and artificial background subtraction.


Primary Header

Binary image presented in the Aitoff-Hammer projection and the Galactic coordinates.

Secondary Header

HEALpix image in Equatorial coordinates where ORDERING=NESTED and NSIDE=512 are used.

Request for using this data

Please see Requests when using MAXI Data.

Last Modified: 13 October 2022