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No. target_name center_ra center_dec center_ra_b1950 center_dec_b1950 center_ecliptic_lon center_ecliptic_lat center_galactic_lon center_galactic_lat roll_angle observation_start_time_mjd observation_start_time observation_end_time_mjd observation_end_time observation_id exposure proposal_exposure xis0_exposure xis1_exposure xis2_exposure xis3_exposure xis0_observation_mode xis1_observation_mode xis2_observation_mode xis3_observation_mode hxd_observation_mode hxd_coarse_clock_rate_exposure hxd_first_clock_rate_exposure hxd_normal_clock_rate_exposure hxd_all_clock_rate_exposure hxd_wam_exposure hxd_burst_num processing_status processing_end_time_mjd processing_end_time public_date_mjd public_date distribute_start_date_mjd distribute_start_date processing_version processing_quantity processing_software proposal_id proposal_abstract proposal_category proposal_category_code proposal_priority pi_name co_pi_name proposal_affiliated_country proposal_cycle_count observation_type proposal_title main_detector xis_injection_flag data_access_url ql_access_url ql_image_url
1 V2129 OPH 246.9149 -24.3651 246.158782 -24.254235 249.041959 -2.587504 353.29078542 16.72506486 88.3342 54866.0202430556 2009-02-04 00:29:09 54866.5821296296 2009-02-04 13:58:16 403074010 21.0335 20 21.0335 21.0335 0 21.0335 2 2 0 2 1 0 0 16.5331 16.5331 48.5339 0 PROCESSED 57545.4470833333 2016-06-06 10:43:48 55329 2010-05-13 00:00:00 54880.5317708333 2009-02-18 12:45:45 3 Hea_08Feb2016_V6.18_Suzaku_14Nov2013_V22 032022 We propose to observe the classical T Tauri stars CS Cha, MN Lup, V2129 Oph and XZ Tau with the Suzaku XIS to investigate accretion induced X-ray emission in CTTS as evidenced by the presence of excess emission in the soft X-ray regime. Specifically we intend to utilize Suzaku's sensitivity, low background and the capability of the XIS to resolve the OVIII Ly-alpha line from the OVII triplet. XMM-Newton and Chandra grating spectra provide strong evidence for the presence of accretion induced X-ray emission in CTTS, however, due to low SNR and the presence of absorption an accretion scenario often cannot be probed within reasonable exposure times. With the proposed observations we want to investigate a sample of these CTTS showing additional exceptional properties. GALACTIC POINT SOURCES 4 B JAN ROBRADE EUR 3 AO3 ACCRETION RELATED SOFT X-RAY EMISSION IN CLASSICAL T TAURI STARS XIS Y https://darts.isas.jaxa.jp/pub/suzaku/ver3.0/403074010/ Quick Look

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SELECT * FROM suzaku_master_data WHERE observation_id = '403074010'

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