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No. target_name center_ra center_dec center_ra_b1950 center_dec_b1950 center_ecliptic_lon center_ecliptic_lat center_galactic_lon center_galactic_lat roll_angle observation_start_time_mjd observation_start_time observation_end_time_mjd observation_end_time observation_id exposure proposal_exposure xis0_exposure xis1_exposure xis2_exposure xis3_exposure xis0_observation_mode xis1_observation_mode xis2_observation_mode xis3_observation_mode hxd_observation_mode hxd_coarse_clock_rate_exposure hxd_first_clock_rate_exposure hxd_normal_clock_rate_exposure hxd_all_clock_rate_exposure hxd_wam_exposure hxd_burst_num processing_status processing_end_time_mjd processing_end_time public_date_mjd public_date distribute_start_date_mjd distribute_start_date processing_version processing_quantity processing_software proposal_id proposal_abstract proposal_category proposal_category_code proposal_priority pi_name co_pi_name proposal_affiliated_country proposal_cycle_count observation_type proposal_title main_detector xis_injection_flag data_access_url ql_access_url ql_image_url
1 V773 TAU 63.5591 28.1916 62.7857 28.065974 66.717215 6.863448 168.22897578 -16.34488481 264.3183 55255.9666550926 2010-02-28 23:11:59 55258.750162037 2010-03-03 18:00:14 404037010 115.4057 120 115.4057 115.4057 0 115.4057 2 2 0 2 1 0 0 95.563 95.563 240.4667 1 PROCESSED 57550.8499189815 2016-06-11 20:23:53 55637 2011-03-17 00:00:00 55271.499537037 2010-03-16 11:59:20 2 Hea_08Feb2016_V6.18_Suzaku_14Nov2013_V22 041203 Young stars display magnetic activity at the extreme of that produced in nearby active stars and the Sun, making them useful tools to probe the dominant physical processes controlling such activity. The unique features of V773 Tau's X-ray and radio properties (frequent X-ray flaring of highly energetic flares, extreme nonthermal radio emission) mark it as one of the most active young stars. We seek coordinated Suzaku and mm wavelength observations to probe the interplay between the hot plasma and the stellar environment. We focus on utilizing the unique capabilities of Suzaku, namely the spectral resolution and sensitivity at 5--10 keV, to elucidate the properties of its hot plasma and its potential effects on the stellar environment such as detecting Fe fluorescence. GALACTIC POINT SOURCES 4 C RACHEL OSTEN USA 4 AO4 X-RAY EMISSION AND THE STELLAR ENVIRONMENT AROUND THE PRE-MAIN SEQUENCE BINARY V773 TAU XIS Y https://darts.isas.jaxa.jp/pub/suzaku/ver3.0/404037010/ Quick Look

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SELECT * FROM suzaku_master_data WHERE observation_id = '404037010'

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