DARTS of the Month


What is "Da-a-tsu"?

What is "Da-a-tsu"? We had to answer to this question for thousands of kids who visited us on 21 July 2007 at the ISAS annual open house. This is a very popular event, and more than 16,000 people visited ISAS this year, on the first Saturday during the Japanese school summer vacation.

For very young kids, we had a simple game and puzzle to explain how satellite data are transferred to the ground and how the space data look like. For elder kids and adults, we provided quizes and DARTS trial to understand what DARTS is really about.

Most of all, for everybody, we made a cool movie to introduce DARTS. Please enjoy it by choosing an appropriate format on your environment:

Windows Media, QuickTime, QuickTime7, MPEG4

August 2007

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