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SGR0501 light curve by Suzaku/XIS
The figure shows a quick look plot from Suzaku TOO observation of a gamma-ray repeater SGR 0501+4516. You can see a sudden burst at some before 10000 sec during the observation. This plot was created by UDON.

Don't Miss a Chance — TOO Observations

We introduce TOO (Target Of Opportunity) observation with astronomical observatories. Usually, target or region is planed some weeks to months before the observation. However, some celestial objects become brighter or show particular features without any notices. For example, new supernovae and gamma-ray bursts have been found by astronomers and monitoring observatories in the world. When these interesting news are announced, astronomer(s) soon request to the observatory's director for observation time. If the feature is particularly important, the director could use their own reserved time for the observation (Director's Time; DT). Quick observation is a key for these features. Therefore when the director decided to go, creating operational program and observation should be quickly performed. If everything goes successfully, the data will be processed as soon as possible and will be released from DARTS. Many observatories have provided this kind of opportunities. From these TOO observations and efforts, some time (not always) we can learn a lot of new physics.

From Suzaku 12 TOO observations can be found using Suzaku/Query. Using this Query and by setting "Line is full", you can read proposal abstracts for these observations. Or you can check quick-look data by UDON. In October 2008, Suzaku performed three DT observations continuously (maybe by chance).

AKARI also observed many targets by DT. You can find public data from these DT target by checking "Select Proposal/Select DT" with AKARI/Query.

Takayuki Tamura (ISAS/JAXA)

Octorber 2008

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