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the first signal Human beings obtained from theseismometer on the Moon

Data Archive of Apolo's Lunar Seismic Experiments

The figure shows the first signal Human beings obtained from the seismometer on the Moon. The seismometer was carried on Apollo 11, and was installed by the astronomers. Apollo programs were not only manned lunar landings, but also important missions scientifically. After the astronauts left, the scientific instruments continued their experiments for about eight years between 1969 to 1977.

DARTS has started to open all seismic data obtained by the Apollo missions. Cooperating with many scientists, the data which has not been published are also collected. In addition to raw data download, the quick-look application is prepared to look at seismic wave quickly for users.

DARTS is available as a starting point to the lunar seismic study.

Yukio Yamamoto (ISAS/JAXA)

Sep., 2011

Last Modified: 13 June 2018