KAGUYA (SELENE) Spectral Profiler's High-precision data



On this site, we release the high-precision Spectral Profiler (SP) data obtained by applying local topographic corrections to the spectral data acquired by KAGUYA's onboard Spectral Profiler, which is a continuous visible-near infrared spectrometer.

The Kaguya SP dataset covers the entire globe of the Moon with a spectral resolution of several nm, which makes it possible to identify minerals on the surface of the Moon.

In this preliminary release, the SP data corresponding to a part of the south polar region were used for the higher-level processing.

The following datasets are used for reference:
・Solar flux at each wavelength corresponding to each SP band (Yamamoto et al., 2011)
・Photometric correction parameters (Yokota et al., 2011)
・SLDEM2015 (Barker et al., 2016)

These products were prepared by Yoshiko Ogawa (The Univ. of Aizu) and her colleagues. This is a preliminary version as of 2022 and may be updated in the future.

Processed data

The source data are available from DARTS, SP_Level2C Version 03
A small portion of the data from the south polar region that met the conditions below were processed to a higher order:
・185-190 E, 65-70 S
・rev# < 5690 (~altitude > 88 km)
・VIS#1-84, NIR1#1-97, total 181 bands


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