Install packages needed for "FLOW"
Install following packages from setup.exe of Cygwin.
gcc4-core (4.5.3-3)
make (3.82.90-1)
pkg-config (0.23b-10)
libxml2-devel (2.8.0-1)
libpng15-devel (1.5.12-1)
libjpeg-devel (8b-1)
curl (7.27.0-1)
libcurl-devel (7.27.0-1)
tcsh (6.18.01-1)

important assuming the working directory is $HOME/tmp.
Install lua-5.2.1
[~/tmp]$ wget
[~/tmp]$ tar zxvf lua-5.2.1.tar.gz
[~/tmp]$ cd lua-5.2.1
[~/tmp/lua-5.2.1]$ make posix
[~/tmp/lua-5.2.1]$ make install
[~/tmp/lua-5.2.1]$ cd ..

Install cfitsio
[~/tmp]$ wget
[~/tmp]$ tar zxvf cfitsio3370.tar.gz
[~/tmp]$ cd cfitsio
[~/tmp/cfitsio]$ ./configure
[~/tmp/cfitsio]$ make
[~/tmp/cfitsio]$ cd ..

Install SPICE Toolkits for C
[~/tmp]$ wget
[~/tmp]$ tar zxvf cspice.tar.Z
[~/tmp]$ cd cspice
[~/tmp/cspice]$ csh make.csh
[~/tmp/cspice]$ cd ..

Install "FLOW"
[~/tmp]$ wget
[~/tmp]$ tar zxvf flow-1.3.tar.gz
[~/tmp]$ cd flow-1.3
[~/tmp/flow-1.3]$ ./configure --with-lua-prefix=/usr/local --with-cfitsio=$HOME/tmp/cfitsio \
--with-cspice=$HOME/tmp/cspice --enable-wms
[~/tmp/flow-1.3]$ make
[~/tmp/flow-1.3]$ su
[~/tmp/flow-1.3]$ make install

license and policy

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