Solaris 11 (i386)

Install packages needed for "FLOW"
First, you have to run the following command as the administrator to install some packages.
# pkg install developer/gcc-45       
# pkg install system/header       
# pkg install developer/build/make       
# pkg install developer/gnome/gettext       
# pkg install runtime/lua       
# pkg install image/library/libpng       
# pkg install image/library/libjpeg       
# pkg install library/libxml2       

The following is each version of the installed package we examined:
developer/gcc-45 (4.5.2); system/header (0.5.11); developer/build/make (0.5.11); developer/gnome/gettext (2.30.0); runtime/lua (5.1.4); image/library/libpng (1.4.8); image/library/libjpeg (6.0.2); library/libxml2 (2.7.6)

important assuming the working directory is $HOME/tmp.
Install cfitsio
[~/tmp]$ wget
[~/tmp]$ tar zxvf cfitsio3370.tar.gz
[~/tmp]$ cd cfitsio
[~/tmp/cfitsio]$ ./configure
[~/tmp/cfitsio]$ make
[~/tmp/cfitsio]$ cd ..
Install SPICE Toolkits for C
Download the SPICE toolkits for C (Sun/Intel, Solaris, Sun C, the 32bit) from the NAIF SPICE page (
Override the compile option to use gcc. Ignore the errors during compilation because building FLOW only requires 'cspice.a' library.
CAUTION !! Unofficial method.
[~/tmp]$ wget
[~/tmp]$ tar zxvf cspice.tar.Z
[~/tmp]$ cd cspice
[~/tmp/cspice]$ TKCOMPILER=gcc TKCOMPILEOPTIONS="-c -fPIC -O2" csh makeall.csh
[~/tmp/cspice]$ cd ..
Install "FLOW"
[~/tmp]$ wget
[~/tmp]$ tar zxvf flow-1.3.tar.gz
[~/tmp]$ cd flow-1.3
[~/tmp/flow-1.3]$ ./configure --with-cfitsio=$HOME/tmp/cfitsio --with-cspice=$HOME/tmp/cspice --enable-wms
[~/tmp/flow-1.3]$ make
[~/tmp/flow-1.3]$ su
[~/tmp/flow-1.3]# make install

license and policy

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