SXT Synoptic images

    The following synoptic charts are made from SXT full-frame images (FFIs). Each synoptic chart consists of central-meridian strips from 27 FFIs, at one image per day. The SXT analysis filter is the "Dagwood Sandwich" filter (Al/Mg/Mn). The FFI pixel sizes are 4.9" or 9.8", and each FFI is the composite of a long and short exposure. The resulting composite images are displayed with the standard SXT logarithmic compression. The database extends between Carrington rotation numbers 1848 and 1984 (during the middle of October, 1991 and the middle of December, 2001). If you need dates, see our quick reference lookup table .

    Before using the images presented here, please check notice.html .

  • Synoptic Images Every Carrington Number for Thin AlMg/Mn Filter:

Last Modified: 15 October 2020