Akatsuki (PLANET-C, VCO) Data Released

Akatsuki was launched in May, 2010, and successfully put into the orbit around Venus in December, 2015. Akatsuki has been investigating the super-rotation of the Venus atmosphere, by recording images on the day-side and the night-side in several different wavelengths (see the photo). Data acquired by Akatsuki have been progressively released. The 1st release was opened to public in July, 2017, and the 2nd release was opened in December, 2017. We will continuously release the data taken in a six-month period with 6 month intervals. In addition, we are planning to release higher level (i.e., more processed) products such as longitude-latitude mapped data and/or cloud motion vectors in future. (Jan 2018)

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Last Modified: 07 May 2018