Two types of AKARI spectroscopic catalogues and "AKARI data guide for beginners" released

The "mid-infrared slit-less spectral catalog" and the "near-infrared asteroid spectral catalog" by AKARI are released. The slit-less spectral catalog used 886 pointing observations to produce spectral data of 604 individual stars, galaxies and other objects. In the near-infrared asteroid spectral catalog, spectroscopic data of 66 asteroids were obtained, where spectral feature attributed to the hydrated minerals was identified for the first time on the asteroids. In addition, high-level products previously released from the AKARI project page are now put on the DARTS AKARI web page. Currently, 18 AKARI data products are released from DARTS. In addition, the "AKARI data guide for beginners” is released to explain these data. (June 2019)

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Last Modified: 10 June 2019