Release of JUDO2 2.0

JUDO2 is a web-application tool to browse astronomical images taken by various satellites and ground-based observatories projected on the celestial sphere. Now, JUDO2 being fully updated with new user-interface, added new satellite images, field-of-views (foot-prints) and observation information, and, "JUDO2 2.0 " has been released! The following satellite images, foot-prints and observation information are added: Hitomi images and foot-prints, Akari IRC pointing images and foot-prints, Chandra, NICER and NuSTAR foot-prints. This link gives SDSS optical image of the Perseus clusters of galaxies, being superposed with Hitomi SXS image and foot-prints, and Chandra and XMM foot-prints. If you click the "Start UDON2 for Quick Look" button in the right-hand side, you can quick-analyze the SXS data (select region, extract and display the light-curve and spectrum). Since NICER has a short exposure time for each pointing and there are many pointings for a single target, we made observation list page for each target. For instance, this link gives a PSRB1937+21 observation list, from which links are made to HEASARC archival data. The figure in the right-hand side is an LMC mosaic-image by Akari IRC, with the background WISE all-sky IR image. Clicking the IRC observation number displayed in the bottom part, observation information page is displayed, from which archive data are linked. (July 2019)

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Last Modified: 25 July 2019