Ginga Analysys Tool Updated

Ginga (ASTRO-C), the third Japanese X-ray astronomy satellite, was launched in 1987 and carrying out the observation until November 1991. Ginga analysis software was written in Fortran 77 and compiled with g77, which is no longer supported. Now, we have updated the Ginga analysis tool, so that it is compiled with the contemporary Fortran compiler, gfortran. The tool is tested with Ubuntu 18.04, CentOS7.4, and Mac OS X. The figure in the right-hand side is an energy spectrum of VELAX-1 observed on February 22, 1988. It was only Ginga who was observing the sky in 2- 10 keV during that period. Ginga archive is still precious and valuable, so please use it to produce new science results. (November 2019)

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Last Modified: 28 November 2019