The new "DARTS/Astro Query System" is now available

The new DARTS/Astro Query System is now available. The system enables you to search on a single platform for various observation data, logs, proposals, etc. archived in DARTS/Astro. You may find these datasets from different satellites such as HITOMI, AKARI, SUZAKU, ASCA, GINGA, and HALCA at once, which hopefully increases the chance of serendipitous findings of unexplored datasets.

Also, we provide such interfaces that allow users to query directory by inputting SQL or ADQL statements. In this manner, you can customize search conditions, the order of query outputs, etc.; please find User's Guide for details.

We are continuously improving the system. Shortly, we are planning to increase available datasets, make the query-outputs more natural to see, and enrich explanations of the SQL or ADQL statements for probable use cases. We are hoping the "DARTS/Astro Query System" to become more useful and convenient. Your comments and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

(Mar. 2020)

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Last Modified: 18 March 2020