The orbit data of IKAROS has been released.

IKAROS orbit data is now available. IKAROS is a small solar power sail demonstrator launched simultaneously with the Venus Climate Orbiter AKATSUKI on May 21, 2010. The data released this time includes CCSDS OEM (orbit history) data in international standard format for the normal operation period (May 2010 - November 2011), plus Doppler and range data from CCSDS TDM (range and range rate tracking data), and tracking data for the search phase (December 2011-September 2015) is included.

The following figure shows IKAROS during the normal operation period, as well as the positions of the Earth, Venus, and Mercury relative to the Sun. IKAROS departed from the Earth, accelerated by swing-by Venus around December 8, 2010, and returned to near Earth orbit again.

(April 2022)

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Last Modified: 04 April 2022