The Tanpopo caputure panel data have been released

The Tanpopo mission is Japan’s first astrobiology experiment in space conducted from 2015-2019 aiming for "organic and microbial exposure and cosmic dust capture in space" onboard the Exposed Facility of Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" on the International Space Station (ISS). 64 sample images of hypervelocity impact signatures on the Tampopo capture panels have been released from DARTS. The images were selected by analytical results of the capture panels returned from ISS to ISAS laboratory to cover the representative morphology types of microparticle impacts on ultra-low dense silica aerogel tiles. The figure on the right is an example of pit crater morphology.

The detailed results of all the impact signatures identified by the post-flight analysis of the Tanpopo Capture Panels are being prepared in another database at the University of Aizu.

(May 2024)

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Last Modified: 14 June 2024