Plasma Wave and Sounder (PWS)


PWS (plasma waves and sounder experiments) has three sub-systems; i.e. i) a sub-system for natural plasma wave observations (NPW), ii) a sub-system for stimulated plasma wave experiments (SPW) and iii) the instrumentation for measurement of the number density of electron (NEI). The electric field intensity spectrum data of 2 seconds time resolution observed by NPW sub-systeme are open to the public for scientific use. All the files from 1989 are available, here.

Each data point consists of 512 electric field intensity at a given frequency with the band width of 1kHz. The frequency variation in each data block is given with linear function of corresponding step number.

  • data block 1 : 20kHz - 140 kHz
  • data block 2 : 140kHz - 380 kHz
  • data block 3 : 380kHz - 1340 kHz
  • data block 4 : 1340kHz - 5120 kHz

The data files are provided in the CDF format. Please check the descriptions in each data file before use.

For effective utilization of PWS data and responsible publication, the user is requested to refer to Oya et al. [1990] for further detail specification and descriptions on PWS experiments.


TDAS load procedure

Here, you can find a TDAS load procedure file for PWS data. PWS data analysis becomes available on TDAS with this load procedure. TDAS (THEMIS Data Analysis Software suite) has been developed by THEMIS project. See TDAS web page for details.

Data Policy and Credits

In order to confirm the reliability of the data, you are requested to contact the PWS data manager, Dr. Atsushi Kumamoto at Tohoku University before using the PWS data in oral/poster presentations. In the publishment, You should contact to the PWS data manager, Dr. Atsushi Kumamoto at Tohoku University before the submission for the confirmation of the principle of authorship/acknowledgement. You are also requested to send reprints to the PWS Data manager.

In any publications, the use of the Akebono/PWS data should also be acknowledged, for example, as "The Akebono/PWS data were provided through DARTS at Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA."


Dr. Atsushi Kumamoto
Tohoku University
Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8578, Japan.
E-mail: kumamoto AT


Last Modified: 09 June 2014