Welcome to THEMIS Data Mirror Site at DARTS

Mirror Data

The THEMIS and related data are available at DARTS: HTTP Access

  • THA-THE spacecraft level-0 to 2 data: fully mirrored
  • GBO GMAG geomagnetic field level-2 data: fully mirrored
  • GBO ASI all-sky imager level-1 data: partially mirrored — thg_ast (thumbnail) and thg_ask (keogram)
  • Greenland geomagnetic field data

Caution: The directory structure was changed so that it is the same as the UCB SSL original site. (2 June 2009)

See the rules of the road at the THEMIS homepage at UCB SSL.

UCB SSL original data site


Useful plots for THEMIS are also available at DARTS, as a part of Conjunction Event Finder (CEF):

Last Modified: 05 January 2021