Release of the ten old-satellite raw telemetry data

Raw telemetry data in the frame format of 10 past scientific spacecrafts, which have not been released outside of ISAS, are now open to the public. Following is the names of the 10 spacecrafts: "Taiyo", "Kyokko", "Jikiken", "Ohzora", "Hakucho", "Tenma", "Hinotori", "Sakigake" "Suisei" and "Hiten". They are historically very valuable; the oldest satellite, "Taiyo" was launched in 1975. You will have to refer to the original Japanese interim report and/or experiment plan which were used when the satellite was operational to decode the data; you may challenge in any case. Currently, the data is in the original frame-formatted binary. To make the datasets more usable, we are planning to provide the FITS wrapped frame data together with programs to read the data. (Apr 2018)

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Last Modified: 07 May 2018