Raw Telemetry and Orbit Data

Raw Telemetry Data in the Frame Format

Raw telemetry data of the past ISAS mission are released with documents (in Japanese) to describe their formats.

These data have been archved in the SIRIUS database at ISAS since 1970's. They are in the original telemetry frame format, so that users need to parse the data using the accompanying documents.

 All the Telemetry Data

Mission Operation Period Category Telemetry Data

(FITS file)
Telemetry Data
(Binary file)
Orbit Data Interim Report
(excerpted version)
Experimental Plan
(excerpted version)
Telemetry Data
Header Format
Orbit Format Operational Record
Taiyo* 1975-1980 Solar-Terrestrial Physics --- ---
Kyokko* 1975-1992 Solar-Terrestrial Physics ---
Jikiken 1978-1985 Solar-Terrestrial Physics ---
Ohzora 1984-1988 Solar-Terrestrial Physics format1(1984-85)
Hakucho* 1979-1985 X-ray Astronomy
Tenma 1983-1988 X-ray Astronomy
Hinotori 1981-1991 Solar Physics ---
Sakigake 1985-1999 Lunar and Planetary Science --- --- ---
Suisei* 1985-1991 Lunar and Planetary Science --- --- ---
Ginga* 1987-1991 X-ray Astronomy ---
Hiten* 1990-1993 Lunar and Planetary Science --- --- ---
Nozomi* 1998-2003 Lunar and Planetary Science --- --- --- ---
*: Link to the mission information page by ISAS, as no other data are availabe at DARTS.

Oribit (Tracking) Data

Orbit data of major ISAS deep space missions (Sakigake, Hiten, Suisei, Ikaros) are made available in the standard format. Please find the following CCSDS documents for the data format:

 All the Orbit Data

The following table gives direct links to the tracking data of Sakigake, Hiten and Suisei in the CCSDS Tracking Data Message (TDM) format.

1 10 60 600 1440
Correct data MS-T5.1.0.TDM MS-T5.10.0.TDM MS-T5.60.0.TDM MS-T5.600.0.TDM MS-T5.1440.0.TDM
all-data MS-T5.1.99.TDM MS-T5.10.99.TDM MS-T5.60.99.TDM MS-T5.600.99.TDM MS-T5.1440.99.TDM
Correct data MUSES-A.1.0.TDM MUSES-A.4.0.TDM MUSES-A.10.0.TDM MUSES-A.60.0.TDM MUSES-A.600.0.TDM
all-data MUSES-A.1.99.TDM MUSES-A.4.99.TDM MUSES-A.10.99.TDM MUSES-A.60.99.TDM MUSES-A.600.99.TDM
Correct data PLANET-A.1.0.TDM PLANET-A.10.0.TDM PLANET-A.60.0.TDM PLANET-A.600.0.TDM PLANET-A.1440.0.TDM
all-data PLANET-A.1.99.TDM PLANET-A.10.99.TDM PLANET-A.60.99.TDM PLANET-A.600.99.TDM PLANET-A.1440.99.TDM

 Ikaros Orbit Data

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