DARTS for Astrophysics

X-ray Astrophysics

Suzaku (2005-2015), ASCA (1993-2001), Ginga (1987-1991), Tenma (1983-1989),

Infrared Astrophysics

AKARI (2006-2011), IRTS (1995)


(16 Mar. 2015)

Locations of the data for Infrared Astrophysics (AKARI, IRTS and 2masskit) have been moved as follows.

AKARI data products will be stored under the new /pub/akari/[product] directories. For example, the new Far-infrared All-Sky Survey Maps (released on Dec. 2014) are found under /pub/akari/AKARI-FIS_Image_AllSky_Map_2.1/.
Please use the new paths, although we leave the old paths for the time being.

Radio Astrophysics

HALCA/VSOP (1997-2005)

Last Modified: 08 June 2016