The Kibo Experiment Data Archive established by JAXA preserves vast amount of experimental data obtained onboard the Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” in the International Space Station (ISS). This archive contains valuable data obtained in the microgravity environment. We hope these precious data contribute to the advancement of science and technology.

Conditions for material usage

The copyright of all the materials on the JAXA Kibo Experiment Data Archive including texts, illustrations, and images belongs to JAXA, unless noted otherwise, and is protected by the copyright law and international treaties. Please follow the conditions listed below for the use of these materials.

  1. These materials can be used freely for research or educational activities such as school lessons. In other words, the materials can be used without JAXA's permission in terms of copyright law, if the usage is limited to academic/educational activities.
  2. When you use the materials on this Archive, you are requested to indicate their source in such a manner as designated by JAXA, for example, “Provided by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)” or “Courtesy of JAXA.” Acknowledgement is also preferable: “We acknowledge the JAXA Kibo Experiment Data Archive for providing the microgravity experiment data.”
  3. When your paper is accepted, or when you give a presentation at a conference, or hold a press conference about your research results, we appreciate if you provide the following information by email to Title of the paper, Authors, Journal, Publication year, Volume and pages.
  4. Relevant papers for each experiment are listed in the “Related Publication”. Please take a look before starting your analysis.
  5. Please do not do profit-making activity by use of the materials contained in this archive. See more about prohibition rules.

This archive includes experiments of the following categories.

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Marangoni convection is the flow driven by the presence of a surface tension gradient which can be produced by temperature difference at a liquid/gas interface. The convection in liquid bridge of silicone oil is generated by heating one disc higher than the other. Scientists are observing flow patterns of how fluids move to learn more about how heat is transferred in microgravity. The liquid bridge size differs according to the experiment. The liquid flow patterns were observed three dimentionally by using multiple cameras, while temperature distribution was monitored by a thermo-viewer.
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Crystal Growth

Ice Crystal Experiment, Facet Experiment, Ice Crystal 2 Experiment, and Nano Step Experiment are crystal growth experiments. They both aim to reveal the pattern formation of crystal growth under convection free microgravity condition. The crystal growth processes under various conditions were observed in situ by using amplitude modulation microscope and Mach-Zehnder type interferometers.
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Group Combustion Experiment is to verify the hypothesis based on the percolation theory and results of microgravity experiments concerning the flame spread of random distributed droplets arranged in 2 dimensions.
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Thermo Physical Property

Soret-Facet Experiment focuses on the comprehensive understanding of the Soret physics (thermal diffusion process) ,which will be the first verification result to link the Soret physics and thermodynamics.