How to Decrypt Data

Some of the DARTS data are encrypted with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) or GnuPG. Here is some information to decrypt these files.
  • You need PGP or GPG software. See below.
  • You need a password (key) to decrypt the encrypt files. The password should be sent you from the DARTS or projects.
  • When you have PGP or GPG on your machine, you can decrypt an encrypted file with the following command:
    echo $PASSWORD | gpg --cipher-algo=3des --passphrase-fd 0 $file
    where $PASSWOD is the password and $file is the encrypted filename.
  • For Suzaku and Akari users, please find the Suzaku page or Akari page for mission specific information.

How to obtain PGP or GPG software

Last Modified: 21 December 2023