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About MAXI

MAXI (Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image) is mounted on the Japanese Experimental Module (KIBO) of the International Space Station. MAXI has been developed in collaboration of JAXA and RIKEN. MAXI has not only a wide field of view, but also a higher sensitivity than previous all-sky monitors by an order of magnitude. The observation has started in August 2009. More detailed information on MAXI can be found in the MAXI homepage at RIKEN, which produces and archives high-level data products such as images and light-curves for public release.

Daily event data are archived and released from DARTS, as well as data analysis tools and calibration files (See Data page).

Note on the MAXI HEASoft release (2019-02-01)

We have released the MAXI analysis tools and calibration files in the official HEASoft version 6.25 and CALDB from HEASARC, respectively. CALDB data are also obtained via mirrored site at DARTS. We discontinue the tool and calibration-file release from DARTS, but we will continuously release the MAXI event data from DARTS as well as HEASARC.

Requests when using MAXI Data

MAXI users are courteously requested to acknowledge in any resulting publications, as follows:

"This research has made use of MAXI data provided by RIKEN, JAXA and the MAXI team."

and to cite the paper:

"The MAXI Mission on the ISS: Science and Instruments for Monitoring All-Sky X-Ray Images", Matsuoka, M. et al., PASJ, 61, 999 (2009)

MAXI team does not guarantee any results obtained from using the MAXI data and tools. When you change MAXI tools, please indicate that changes are made.

Last Modified: 12 September 2023