MAXI/SSC all-sky maps

The All-sky X-ray maps made by Nakahira et al. (2020), accumulated from the Solid-state Slit Camera (SSC) on board the MAXI mission for 2 years from 2009 to 2011. They are the first ones that were derived with a solid-state instrument.

A pseudo-color all-sky map by the SSC. Blue, green and red represent brightness in the 2.0−4.0 keV, 1.0−2.0 keV and 0.7−1.0 keV energy bands, respectively. Each image is binned using contbin method.
Creation Date Energy (keV) PI Channel Data Files
20191202 0.7-1.0 192-273 FITS
20191202 1.0-2.0 274-547 FITS
20191202 2.0-4.0 548-1095 FITS


Primary Header

Binary image presented in the Aitoff-Hammer projection and the Galactic coordinates.

Secondary Header

HEALpix image in Equatorial coordinates where ORDERING=NESTED and NSIDE=128 are used.

Request for using this data

In addition to the " Requests when using MAXI Data",

please cite the paper:
"MAXI/SSC All-sky maps from 0.7 keV to 4 keV", Nakahira, S. et al., PASJ, Volume 72, Issue 2, id.17 (2020) [doi:10.1093/pasj/psz139] [arXiv:1912.01572]

Last Modified: 20 October 2020