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This page provides access to the ranging data obtained by Hayabusa LIDAR. LIDAR is a laser altimeter to directly measure the range between the spacecraft and the asteroid. The transmitter generates a brief laser pulse, and the instrument measures the time required for the light to reach the asteroid surface and return.

Data Set Description

LIDAR ranging data are archived in ASCII table format (.tab). Downloaded LIDAR data are categorized into two packet type; HK data including the temperature information and OBS-NAVS data including only ranging values. The OBS-NAVS data are separated by observation phase into the Gate Position, the Home position, and the Touching Down phase. For the content of each data value, please consult the corresponding label file (.lbl).

Calibration Information

For the LIDAR calibration procedure please consult here.

Database Browse

Please fill the check boxes of data that you want and click on the download button.

Check Box Data Type Data Level Observation Phase File Size
OBS packet 1.0 Gate Position Phase 9MB
OBS packet 1.0 Home Position Phase 5MB
OBS + NAVS packet 1.0 Decent & Touching Down 3MB
HK packet 1.0 Entire Period of Rendezvous 398kB

pds There is some difference in the LIDAR data between DARTS and PDS.

1) Data level
DARTS opens the House Keeping Experimental Data Record (HKEDR).
PDS opens the Exprimental Data Record (EDR) and Calibrated Data Record(CDR).

2) Time coverage
The data from 2005-09-10T04:07:50.251670 to 2005-09-11T05:50:11.865705 is included only in HKEDR.

3) File convention
The filename is derived from mission phase in DARTS.
The filename is derived from date-time in PDS.