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This page provides access to the imaging data taked by Hayabusa ONC.
ONC is an Optical Navigation Camera which has two wide cameras(ONC-W1, ONC-W2) and a telescope camera(ONC-T) for optical navigation.
ONC-W is used to detect the direction towards to the asteroid, realtime monitoring during decent phase to the asteroid, and target marker tracking during final stage of decent phase.
When ONC-T is used as a scientific observation, it is called as 'AMICA', but ONC-T is also used for optical navigation during approach phase to the asteroid.

Observation Log

Click here to view the ONC observation log.

Database Browse

If the observation date are selected through the following select boxes, thumbnails of the specified imaging data will appear at the bottom of this page. Please fill the check boxes of imaging data that you want and click on the download button.

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There are not many difference between DARTS data and PDS data except in axis directions. As a result, in some pictures, only the direction is the difference but the same image and reproducible from data. Choose yourself to handling it in convenient.