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This page contains the shape models of 25143 Itokawa, the target of the HAYABUSA mission. The models are produced by the two independent groups of the AMICA imaging team.

Gaskell model - Produced by Robert Gaskell, Planetary Science Institute
The latest version is produced on Jan. 4 2007.

The model is constructed by applying multi-image photoclinometry. The original data has 3,145,728 facets and 1,579,014 vertices, in a text list of plates and vertices.

The original shape model and smaller models reduced in resolution by three grades are stored in the plate-vertex table format (.txt), the STL ASCII format (.stl), and the triangle format (.tri).

Details of the model was described in Gaskell et al. (2006), AIAA paper 2006_6660, AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialists Conf., Keystone, CO, Aug, 2006.

Gaskell shape model

25143 Itokawa Plate Model, 49,152 facets Text (584 kB) STL (1.2 MB) TRI (472 kB)
25143 Itokawa Plate Model, 196,608 facets Text (2.3 MB) STL (5.4 MB) TRI (1.8 kB)
25143 Itokawa Plate Model, 786,432 facets Text (9.1 MB) STL (20.7 MB) TRI (9.2 kB)
25143 Itokawa Plate Model, 3,145,728 facets Text (35.9 MB) STL (77.4 MB) TRI (34.9 kB)

3-dimensional movie of Gaskell shape model: Click here (mov file, 11.4 MB)
Notice that you need to get a red/blue(cyan) glasses to see it, with the red over your left eye.


Click here to get information about the past shape models of asteroid Itokawa.


Shape Model data is alomost of all the same data itself but the contents in the directory is different. PDS data directory include label file and detail infromation. Basically, we recommend the PDS data to use.