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This page provides access to the x-ray spectral data obtained by Hayabusa XRS. XRS has the 4 main x-ray CCD chips with large effective detection area ( field of view : 3 deg. ), and the 1 sub CCD chip coupled with a standard sample plate due to solar x-ray irradiation monitoring and in-situ calibration.

Data Set Description

XRS data are archived in ASCII table format and consist of 4 types of data format as follows;

Histogram Data ( hst ) : x-ray signal stored within one exposure time in each CCD chip
( CCD 0-3: main chips, CCD 4: solar monitor )
In Level-1 data, the channel number and the corresponding CCD count value are available.
Header Data ( head ) : supplement information on each observation time
HK Packet Data ( hk ) : instrument status information through one observation date
Status Packet Data ( status ) : instrument status information including temperature through one observation date

For the content of each data value, please consult the corresponding label file ( lbl ). A detailed description about XRS data set and the calibration information is now in preparation.

Database Browse

If the view list button is clicked on after setting the data level and observation target through the following select boxes, a list of the specified data will appear below. Please fill the check boxes of data that you want and click on the download button.

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