What is SPICE ?

SPICE is a framework to deal with ancillary information of space science data developed by Navigation Ancillary Information Facility (NAIF). The most fundamental ancillary information is clock, trajectory, and orientation of spacecraft. For scientific purpose, planetary constant, trajectories, or rotation is also essential to their analysis. In SPICE, the ancillary data, not only of spacecrafts, but also of planetary objects is archived into SPICE specific format, called SPICE kernel(s).
Japanese planetary explorers also publish ancillary data as SPICE kernel. As of May 2018, the following missions are released: Hayabusa, SELENE(Kaguya), Akatsuki(Venus Climate Orbiter; VCO) and Hayabusa2.

How to use SPICE ?

NAIF provides SPICE toolkit which is libraries to access SPICE kernels written in Fortran, C, IDL, Matlab and Python. The toolkit also includes the useable functions such as vector, matrix calcuration, or compensation of light abberation. There are several kernels: SPK, PcK, IK, CK, EK, FK, LSK, and SCLK. The detail is shown in NAIF website.

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Tools for SPICE

The SPICE kernel released on DARTS is below.

Last Modified: 02 June 2022