Viking Lander 2 Seismic data

NASA Viking Lander 2 carried a seismometer on the Mars for the first time in the world. The report 'Seismology on Mars'[4] concluded that this first trial could not show the evidence of seismic activity on Mars.

The data obtained by this seismometer had not been available for over 35 years, although the data had been listed together with the data of Apollo seismic experiments. The reason was that it was difficult to obtain the Viking seismic data. If a person could obtain, the data format was less known.

As we investigated the Viking seismic data, we have found that there are two different data archives. One is VUS Tape archived in UTIG; the other is EDR-2 Tape archived in MIT. These two archives are essentially the same.

This website provides reformatted data based on EDR-2 Tape:

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Last Modified: 02 June 2022