Suzaku Instruments

Suzaku carries four X-ray CCD cameras (X-ray Imaging Spectrometer; XIS) at the foci of four X-ray telescopes (XRTs), and Hard X-ray Detector (HXD). XISs cover the energy range ~0.3 keV to ~12 keV, while HXDs cover ~10 keV to ~600 keV with two sensors.

One of the XISs has a back-illuminated chip (XIS1), which has a superior sensitivities and energy resolution below ~0.7 keV, while other XISs (XIS0, XIS2 and XIS3) are front-illuminated.

HXDs consist of the PIN diodes and the GSO sensor. PIN covers ~10 keV to ~70 keV, while GSO is sensitive from ~40 keV to ~600 keV.

Last Modified: 19 November 2018