ASCA Analysis

General information for ASCA data analysis is described in the Data Analysis page in ASCA GOF.

Required Tools

The standard tools for ASCA data analysis are the FTOOLS (ASCA sub-package) and XANADU (xspec, ximage, xronos). All these tools are included in the HEAsoft package.

In addition to analysis tools, the CALDB (calibration database) would be required. ASCA revision 2 archive includes calibration files that were used in making the archive, however, it is better to use the latest calibration information. Calibration files can be obtain from CALDB mirror on DARTS.

Manuals for Analysis

A step-by-step guide of FTOOLS-based analysis is given in ASCA Data Reduction Guide (the ABC guide). PostScript version of the guide is also available. In addition, we also provide an ASCA analysis guide written in Japanese (PostScript, pdf).

If you want to apply Residual Dark Distribution (RDD) correction on your data, please consult "Recipe for RDD Correction".

Last Modified: 11 March 2022