[CII] intensity map

[CII] intensity (in ergs/s/cm2/str) was obtained from the time-line data by subtracting the background and fitting the [CII] line profile. The intensity was estimated against the smooth background component in the higher galactic latitude regions. The [CII] intensities from the time-line data are smoothed with 2D Gaussian profile (FWHM=8.4 arcming) in the l-b plane. The resultant FITS image is in the Galactic coordinates, and the pixel size is 0.05 deg. The spatial resolution of the image is 15' (FWHM). One sigma error map is also provided. The details of the analysis procedure are found in Nakagawa et al. (1998).

Hips Data

The BICE image was converted into the HiPS format, so that it can be displayed in Aladin or Aladin Lite. In particular, BICE image is available in JUDO2 (which adopts Aladin Lite) to compare with/superpose on other major astronomical images. For instance, this link gives an example of the BICE image on GLIMPSE/Spitzer (Ara-Norma region) with pointing positions of several X-ray satellites (ASCA, Suzaku and XMM-Newton).

Last Modified: 13 August 2020