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No. target_name center_ra center_dec center_ra_b1950 center_dec_b1950 center_ecliptic_lon center_ecliptic_lat center_galactic_lon center_galactic_lat roll_angle observation_start_time_mjd observation_start_time observation_end_time_mjd observation_end_time observation_id exposure proposal_exposure xis0_exposure xis1_exposure xis2_exposure xis3_exposure xis0_observation_mode xis1_observation_mode xis2_observation_mode xis3_observation_mode hxd_observation_mode hxd_coarse_clock_rate_exposure hxd_first_clock_rate_exposure hxd_normal_clock_rate_exposure hxd_all_clock_rate_exposure hxd_wam_exposure hxd_burst_num processing_status processing_end_time_mjd processing_end_time public_date_mjd public_date distribute_start_date_mjd distribute_start_date processing_version processing_quantity processing_software proposal_id proposal_abstract proposal_category proposal_category_code proposal_priority pi_name co_pi_name proposal_affiliated_country proposal_cycle_count observation_type proposal_title main_detector xis_injection_flag data_access_url ql_access_url ql_image_url
1 AE AQUARII 310.0612 -0.931 309.416636 -1.108991 312.236832 16.82972 45.23545862 -24.46836188 250.6241 54033.2319907407 2006-10-25 05:34:04 54034.3829282407 2006-10-26 09:11:25 400001020 47.9743 50 47.9743 48.5956 48.1316 48.3103 2 2 2 2 1 0 0 45.5384 45.5384 99.4239 1 PROCESSED 57526.8238773148 2016-05-18 19:46:23 54526 2008-03-01 00:00:00 54109.7083449074 2007-01-09 17:00:01 9 Hea_08Feb2016_V6.18_Suzaku_14Nov2013_V22 001004 We have a new idea that a magnetized white dwarf can be a particle-acceleration cite to emit non thermal emission. In order to understand the particle acceleration process in rotation-powered objects, it is important to measure the hard X-ray emission from magnetized white dwarfs, in addition to that from well-known neutron stars. Here, we propose a 100ksec observation of a magnetic cataclysmic valiable, AE Aqurii. It is difficult for INTEGRAL mission, and is challenging even for the HXD, but it will be a ``first detection'' of the non-thermal emission in the hard X-ray band from a white dwarf with Suzaku. GALACTIC POINT SOURCES 4 A YUKIKATSU TERADA JAP 0 SWG SEARCH FOR THE NON-THERMAL EMISSION FROM MAGNETIZED WHITE DWARF WITH SUZAKU HXD N https://darts.isas.jaxa.jp/pub/suzaku/ver3.0/400001020/ Quick Look

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SELECT * FROM suzaku_master_data WHERE observation_id = '400001020'

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