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No. target_name center_ra center_dec center_ra_b1950 center_dec_b1950 center_ecliptic_lon center_ecliptic_lat center_galactic_lon center_galactic_lat roll_angle observation_start_time_mjd observation_start_time observation_end_time_mjd observation_end_time observation_id exposure proposal_exposure xis0_exposure xis1_exposure xis2_exposure xis3_exposure xis0_observation_mode xis1_observation_mode xis2_observation_mode xis3_observation_mode hxd_observation_mode hxd_coarse_clock_rate_exposure hxd_first_clock_rate_exposure hxd_normal_clock_rate_exposure hxd_all_clock_rate_exposure hxd_wam_exposure hxd_burst_num processing_status processing_end_time_mjd processing_end_time public_date_mjd public_date distribute_start_date_mjd distribute_start_date processing_version processing_quantity processing_software proposal_id proposal_abstract proposal_category proposal_category_code proposal_priority pi_name co_pi_name proposal_affiliated_country proposal_cycle_count observation_type proposal_title main_detector xis_injection_flag data_access_url ql_access_url ql_image_url
1 WR140 305.1942 43.809 304.771615 43.649401 327.418451 60.430238 80.92425741 4.10518752 220.5408 54812.4360069444 2008-12-12 10:27:51 54813.5523148148 2008-12-13 13:15:20 403032010 52.9106 40 52.9106 52.9106 0 52.9106 3 3 0 3 1 0 0 48.2609 48.2609 96.4318 0 PROCESSED 57544.9612847222 2016-06-05 23:04:15 55192 2009-12-27 00:00:00 54826.2481365741 2008-12-26 05:57:19 2 Hea_08Feb2016_V6.18_Suzaku_14Nov2013_V22 030157 WR 140 (WC7+O4I) is a long-period (P=7.94 yrs), extremely eccentric (e=0.88) massive binary. Winds from each star collide and produce strong changes in the X-ray spectrum and the production of thick dust shells. All the orbital and stellar parameters are measured, so WR 140 is the best shock-physics laboratory known. X-ray observations are crucial to understand the hot shocked gas and the mass loss phenomena. WR140's next periastron passage is in Jan. 2009. We propose a series of Suzaku observations to precisely determine the change in the X-ray emitting plasma and in the cool absorbing wind from the WC7 star, and the amount of hard X-ray emission (E>20 keV) from particle acceleration in the shock. This may be the only opportunity to observe a periastron passage of WR 140 with Suzaku. GALACTIC POINT SOURCES 4 A YOSHITOMO MAEDA JAP 3 AO3 X-RAYING THE PERIASTRON PASSAGE OF THE CANONICAL, LONG PERIOD COLLIDING WIND LABORATORY, WR140 HXD Y https://darts.isas.jaxa.jp/pub/suzaku/ver3.0/403032010/ Quick Look

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SELECT * FROM suzaku_master_data WHERE observation_id = '403032010'

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