Planetary Plasma Sounder (PPS)

Data directory

PPS (Planetary Plasma Sounder) has two sub-systems: i) one for natural plasma-wave observations (NPW), and ii) the other for stimulated plasma-wave experiments (SPW).

The archival data are open to public for the scientific use. All the data files from 1984 to 1988 are available. The data files are in the CDF format.

The details of the specification of the data and instrument and of the PPS experiments are described in Oya et al. (1985). If you have any questions, please contact the Ohzora/PPS Data Manager, Dr. Atsushi Kumamoto (kumamoto (at)

The electric field intensity spectrum data by NPW

The data were taken by the NPW sub-system with the time resolution of 2 seconds. Each data point consists of 512 electric-field intensity at a given frequency with the frequency range from 100 kHz to 24.3 MHz. In NPWH mode operation, NPW measured 1 component of the electric field. In NPP mode operation, NPW measured right- and left-hand circular polarized components of the electric field.

The topside ionogram data by SPW

The topside ionogram data observed by SPW sub-system. The frequency range from 0.1 to 16 MHz are covered by 448 frequency steps. Sweep period is 64 sec (Mode-0) or 32 sec (Mode-1) when telemetry bitrate is high, and 128 sec (Mode-0) or 64 sec (Mode-1) when telemetry bitrate is low. The range resolution in vacuum is 146 km, 36.6 km or 9.16 km. The number of echo samples at each frequency step is 120.

Last Modified: 05 January 2021