Main scientific instruments of Ohzora

There were eleven experiments onboard Ohzora. Here, we show major scientific instruments, among which data of PPS and NEI are archived at DARTS as of Apr 2017.

  • Planetary Plasma Sounder (PPS)
  • Utilizes orthogonal 40m (tip to tip) antennas and swept frequency receivers in the range from 100 kHz to 16 MHz and using a swept frequency VLF receiver in the range from 500 Hz to 20 kHz.

  • Number Density of Electron by Impedance Probe (NEI)
  • Measures the effective capacitance of the rod type probe whose length is 45 cm with diameter of 2cm in the swept frequency range from 0.1 MHz to 16 MHz.

  • Limb-atmospheric infrared spectrometer (LAS)
  • Measured the infrared spectra of the solar radiation passing the limb-atmosphere at various altitudes.

  • Low energy particle experiment (ESP)
  • Measures the energy spectrum and the pitch-angle distribution of electrons over the energy range of 6 eV to 16 keV and positive ions from 200 eV to 16 keV.

  • BUV instrument
  • A grating spectrometer and an interference filter photometer to measure spectra of the scattered radiation between 2500 A and 3200 A in daylight side of the earth and to determine the density distribution of the terrestrial ozone layer.

    Last Modified: 05 January 2021