We supply two data products based on the instruments on board IRTS.

Release History

IRTS NIRS Point Source Catalogue

The Near-Infrared Spectrometer (NIRS) Point Source Catalog (PSC) contains spectra of 14,223 sources in which 4,002 sources are in good quality. Late-type stars, normal stars, and other red objects are included. NIRS covered from 1.4 to 4.0 µm by 24 spectral channels with the resolution of Δλ = 0.13 µm. The completeness level of the catalog is 10 ~ 20 Jy for the entire wavelength range.




IRTS MIRS Point Source Catalogue

The Mid-Infrared Spectrometer (MIRS) Point Source Catalog (PSC) contains spectra of 536 sources. Many of the detected sources are mas-losing stars. A few HII regions and one asteroid 01 Ceres are included. MIRS covered from 4.5 to 11.7 µm by 32 spectral channels with the resolution of Δλ = 0.23 ~ 0.36 µm.




IRTS Spatial Intensity Map

Data set of Spatial Intensity Map contains 1 map image and 4 supplemental data. Each image covers ~ 12 deg squares.


FILM CII ver. 2.0 [quick look]

FILM 155micron ver. 2.0 / ver. 2.1 (*1) [quick look]

FIRP 250micron ver. 1.0 [quick look]

FIRP 400micron ver. 1.0 [quick look]

FIRP 700micron ver. 1.0 [quick lool]

MIRS 7.7micron ver. 1.0 (*2) [quick look]

These data are in FITS format. The data sets are as follows;

  • Line intensity map &ly;*-raw.fits>
  • Statistical error (1-sigma) map <*-err.fits>
  • Map of sample number in a pixel <*-smp.fits>
  • Interpolated line intensity map <*-intp.fits>


FILM map data executive summary
Data Number12
Data155 μm Continuum[CII] Line
Band Centercm-164.463.4
Resolving Power130(409)
Beam Size (FWHM)8'x13'
(scanning direction)x(cross-scanning direction)
System NEPW Hz-1/21.8x10-166.0x10-17
TargetContinuum[CII] Line
RMS Noise
(without stripe noise)
in nInW m-2 sr-12x10-7
in InMJy sr-110
Uncertainty in Zero Level
(including stripe noise)
in nInW m-2 sr-16x10-7
in InMJy sr-130
Uncertainty in Intensity Scale-19% to +26%
Pixel Size4'x4'4'x4'
Number of Pixel192x192192x192
Image Size12.8 deg x12.8 deg12.8 deg x12.8 deg
Uncertainty in Map Position4'-8'4'-8'

* Caveat *

  1. (July 2021) Recently, problems are found in the ver. 2.1 data (IRTS-FILM-155_Image_2.1) for the following 7 scan regions: North Scan (ns) : 18, 20, 21, 29, and South Scan (ss) : 18, 21, 44. There are pixels with incorrect values in these datasets. Please use ver.2.0 data instead for these regions (IRTS-FILM-155_Image_2.0). We apologize for the inconvenience.
  2. (February 2023) The MIRS image file in this directory has obvious defects. It has many empty pixels, presumably due to a mismatch between the spatial sampling of the instrument and the image pixel size. This problem cannot be fixed, and users are advised to use this image cautiously.
  3. (April 2023) NS37 and SS53 are identical to NS01 and SS01, respectively. They were created for cross-check purpose and were not necesserrily downloaded.


Last Modified: 17 November 2023