The data about the VLBI Space Observation Program (VSOP) is available on DARTS.

The correlated data [ HTTP direct ]
The observation data from HALCA and ground-based radio telescopes were correlated at Mitaka(NAOJ), Socorro(NRAO), and Penticton(Canada).
The VSOP 5 GHz AGN Survey Program [ HTTP direct ]
The Survey Program was led by the VSOP mission through the Survey Working Group (SWG). The SWG defined and carry out surveys of active galactic nuclei and maser sources to determine the general characteristics of various classes of sources (e.g., brightness temperatures). Survey observations were undertaken separately from the General Observing Time observations.
We archive observation log, results, analysis tools, and analysis results.
The VLBA pre-launch observations (VLBApls) [ HTTP direct ]
VLBA observation data of about 250 sources. That ware observed before HALCA launched. The source sample was compiled from the source list for the VLBI Space Observatory Program (VSOP) Survey Program.

Observation log is also available in links below :

Proposals are available in here ( HTTP direct ).

Last Modified: 09 August 2022